3 Super Easy Cupcake Photography Tips

Foodfotografie_photokina_20080925In going through different blogs I usually found myself enchanted by the beautifully photographed images of cupcakes on almost every  page that I clicked, scrolled or swiped through. I was always stumped at how these bloggers seemed to get the perfect picture of their baked goods. 

In writing for my blog I often struggled with getting the right picture to post online. Often times my photos would come out to blurry or too dark. I was a bit frustrated with myself until I stumbled upon a few blogs that outlined how to achieve those same breathe taking images. 

Here I have put together a short list of three easy ways to get the perfect snapshots for your blog or website. It turns out that all it takes is some good lighting, a nice set up or background, and a little creativity and patience. 

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5 Creative Toppings That’ll Have Your Cupcakes Lookin’ Good


The decorating process is always the highlight of my baking exploits. Here is where I can let my creativity run free. I usually allow myself to be inspired by the ingredients that I incorporate in my cupcakes or the flavor of the frosting that I am using.

Sometimes I can spend hours working on embellishing my cupcakes with elegant or quirky toppings and decorations. But then there are times when I want to pull off the “I spent hours sweating in the kitchen to make these” look without all the hassle.

I can only assume you feel the same way otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this while waiting for your cupcakes to cool.

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You’re Hot. Cool Down With an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake



We all remember that popular chant from when we and our parents were kids, running down the street chasing down the ice cream truck. Vanilla, mint chocolate chip, banana split, snow cones, all these varieties were offered to anyone deserving of the pocket change it took to get their hands on a cone or cup. 

Of course ice cream trucks don’t come around as often as they used to, mainly because a cold treat is just a fridge walk away. 

But thanks to Pinterest, here’s some delicious alternatives to some classic American treats that won’t melt in your hands on a hot day. 

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When Life Hands You Lemons Make…Cupcakes

For someone who doesn’t like mixing their fruits and cakes I realized that I have already posted two recipes that incorporate fruit in them. But what’s a third recipe?
Truth is, I am starting to come around to the idea of combining the two entities as long as the results are as delicious as these lemon poppy seed cupcakes. Even the frosting, an unlikely mix of blueberries and cream cheese, is delicious.
Plus it’s spring, why not celebrate with a few blueberries and some lemon…zest?

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Salted Caramel Buttercream Anyone?


Salted caramel buttercream is the epitome of the term “sweet and salty.” And when I think about the perfect combination of sweet and salty I can attest that this buttercream recipe by Heather from Sprinkle Bakes truly is what she calls the “holy grail” of salted caramel buttercream recipes.

You see, Heather was on the hunt for the perfect salted caramel buttercream recipe but came up short one too many times. So she did what anyone in the baking world would do in her predicament. Put together the bits and pieces you like from other recipes and adapt them until you find the perfect flavor and texture combination for your very own frosting.

Great job Heather! We in the baking community are grateful for your tenacity.

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Fill ‘Em Up: A Guide For Filling Your Cupcakes

irish car

Have you ever bitten into a moist cupcake and have your taste buds be overtaken by a surge of exhilarating flavors and textures?

Well my friend, chances are you have just experienced the wonders of a filled cupcake. Often times bakers place a filling in their cupcakes in order to spice up the flavor and texture combination beyond the cake and frosting. These fillings can be anything from creams and custards to fruits preserves, candy pieces, cookies and even cookie dough.

Besides tasting awesome, incorporating a filling to baked cupcakes also brings an aspect of excitement to occasions when you see the reaction of guests when they discover the treasures hidden inside your cupcake. I know I have always wondered how people manage to seamlessly fill their cupcakes. But I learned quickly as I got into baking.

Today I will be showing you just how easy it is to fill a cupcake and bring you and your guests closer to striking gold at your next special occasion.

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7 Easy Baking Ingredient Substitutions


When I was working on my post about top baking questions found around the web, I found that a lot of questions surrounded finding substitutions for common baking ingredients like, baking powder, eggs, and butter. I was then inspired to write a post on common baking substitutions.

As bakers, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have to make substitutions for certain ingredients in a recipe. Whether it’s due to a food allergy, dietary restrictions, or a refusal to make a run to the local grocery store, we all have pondered on the question “what can I use instead of that?”

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