Banana Cupcakes With a Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

Banana Cupcakes are my absolute favorite. Well actually, anything that incorporates bananas, or at least its flavor, are my everything. I love, love, love banana flavor! Okay, I’m done. Now that I’ve gotten that out I want to share with you my absolute favorite recipe for my favorite treat!

This banana cupcake (well, muffin) recipe from Joy of Baking is the best, but there are somethings to note when attempting to make these delectable little cakes.

  • Make sure the bananas you are using have turned brown. Gross right? I know, but there is a good reason for this. When a banana turns brown its starches actually turn into simple sugars. When incorporating them into your batter, you’ll find that the outcome is a lot sweeter than it would have been had you used a  yellow banana. Plus, studies show that brown bananas pack a more nutritious punch along with being much more easy to digest. Don’t believe me? Just read this article by
  • You may have some trouble finding brown bananas since, of course, stores sell them while they’re still green or yellow. Since that’s the case you will have to do a bit of planning for before you begin making you cupcakes. Here’s what you do: Just buy some yellow bananas, chuck them in a brown paper bag and stick the bag in a dark place, like a cabinet or pantry, this quickens the browning process.
  • But if you want the freedom of enjoying these cupcakes whenever you want, then take some already brown bananas and put them in the freezer. You can even mash them up add a little lemon juice (1 tsp per banana) and put them in a freezer safe bag. They keep up to six months.
  • Ah, but sometimes I find myself dealing with some last minute cravings. When that happens I head over to my local 7-Eleven, buy some brown bananas (they’re two for a dollar), and put them in the cabinet for about two hours before I make my batches.

3498420369_af60b76d24 Yum….

Need a good cream cheese frosting recipe to go with your cupcakes? Check out my post on my top three stable frosting recipes. Hint: Cream Cheese is the first one!


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