Fill ‘Em Up: A Guide For Filling Your Cupcakes

irish car

Have you ever bitten into a moist cupcake and have your taste buds be overtaken by a surge of exhilarating flavors and textures?

Well my friend, chances are you have just experienced the wonders of a filled cupcake. Often times bakers place a filling in their cupcakes in order to spice up the flavor and texture combination beyond the cake and frosting. These fillings can be anything from creams and custards to fruits preserves, candy pieces, cookies and even cookie dough.

Besides tasting awesome, incorporating a filling to baked cupcakes also brings an aspect of excitement to occasions when you see the reaction of guests when they discover the treasures hidden inside your cupcake. I know I have always wondered how people manage to seamlessly fill their cupcakes. But I learned quickly as I got into baking.

Today I will be showing you just how easy it is to fill a cupcake and bring you and your guests closer to striking gold at your next special occasion.


The pictures above show the easiest way I have found to make a hole in a cupcake. You can either use an extra-large or a regular sized decorating tip depending on how large you want the hole to be or how much filling you want in the cupcake.

Now, it is also important to consider how strong of a flavor the filling has, for example if I am filling my cupcakes with a lemon custard, which tense to be a bit tart, I would go with a smaller sized tip. In this case I am using jelly to fill my cupcakes so I am going with the larger tip because jelly takes up a lot of room.


After you have filled your cupcake it’s time to camouflage the hole with some frosting! The best way to do so is to pipe it because using a knife or spatula may cause you to mix the frosting and filling together. Not cool.


Tah dah! Isn’t it pretty?

No one will ever know that there is a volcano of tasty goodness waiting to erupt underneath that pile of luscious frosting. Well…not until they take a bite anyway!


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